Enclosures Tea Towel


Enclosure was the process by which land in Britain which had been farmed and exploited traditionally by peasants (under the so-called 'commons' system) was enclosed by those who technically held the deeds (usually they turned it to pasture or hunting purposes). It resulted in the creation of an army of dispossessed poor and a process of steady depopulation of the countryside. Various versions of this anonymous verse, thought to have originated in the 17th century, exist - it is a cry against the effects of unbridled private ownership and neoliberal values. Still relevant today, perhaps? (The backdrop, if you were wondering, is from a painting by the 19th century Italian artist Antonio Montemezzo.)

Half Panama unbleached cotton (heavy weight, textured finish). Stitched on all four sides. Includes hanging loop. Measures approximately 19in x 27.5in. Machine wash at 110 degrees max. We recommend that before you use your tea towel for the first time you wash it at least once to soften up the material and make it more absorbent for drying dishes. Please note size can vary slightly.